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Molly W.

Blogger, Quilter, Baker. Queer, fat, Jewish, Femme.

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Hello! I'm Molly, and I make things.

Me with my first ALL BY MYSELF quilt ready to go on the longarm!

Me, with my first ALL BY MYSELF quilt ready to go on the longarm!

I'm Molly, a queer, DIY crafter, baker, and maker in Burien, WA (just south of Seattle). I wanted to start capturing my creative adventures and thoughts in more characters than is always reasonable on Instagram and Facebook. I've been talking about starting a blog for a few years now, and I decided to finally just do it.

By trade, I work in tech as a user experience designer for SaaS (Software as a Service) products. My day job gives me a lot of opportunity to apply business thinking to creative pursuits, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Personally, I am a bit of a crafting magpie: I often joke that while some people collect AS a hobby, I just collect hobbies. While it's true that I dabble in a wide variety of creative pursuits (sewing, printmaking, paper crafts, painting, ceramics, cooking, photography, toy-making, and beyond), over the years my main loves have become quilting and baking.


Some of my professional software design work

I'm proudly "out" about my identities for a variety of reasons, but I find them especially important when it comes to crafting. I think there's often a misconception that only older, white, heterosexual, cisgender, churchy ladies do quilting and crafting and it's simply not true. At the same time, there are a LOT of older, white, heterosexual, cisgender, churchy ladies who do crafts! I feel like I can use my engagement in crafting communities to raise the profile and understanding of more non-mainstream ideas and identities that matter to me.

A few things to know about me:

If any of that is uncomfortable for you, I invite you to stick around and experience a new perspective. I will do my best to provide a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender and gender identity, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion (or lack thereof). I do not tolerate harassment of other commenters in any form. I am committed to creating a definition of “safe space” that does not mean never being challenged or offended, but rather a space in which everyone has permission to ask respectful questions, to not know the answers, and to not be judged negatively for these things. (tl;dr: don't be a jerk and you'll probably be fine.)

In terms of creative pursuits, what you'll mostly find here revolves around quilting and baking. That said, I've dabbled in a wide variety of arts, crafts, and design, so you're likely to find some other stuff here along the way.

To greater or lesser degrees, I have experience with these creative areas, among others:

  • Arts

    • Painting

    • Drawing

    • Ceramics

    • Screen printing

    • Photography

  • Crafts

    • Paper crafting

    • Bullet journaling

    • Quilting

    • Embroidery

  • Baking​

  • Candy-making

My #embroidery floss box makes this designer really happy
#tfw You start on your second column for a quilt and find that it's lining up perfectly with the fir
Lemon tart with #rainiercherries and #blueberries from our #csa _helsingfarmcsa #communitysupporteda
And then I made #Pentecost #cupcakes.jpg Because that's how I roll
Made two pillows in my curve sewing class this weekend! I ended up making two because I decided to u
Bread basket towel for my mom.  The original design had a straight line across the bottom, which I c
Bread basket towel for my mom
Bread basket towel for my mom
Got some stretch knit fabric from _spoonflower for making my own leggings
Today I drove up into the mountains with my girlfriend
My first ALL BY MYSELF quilt is nearly finished! Today I went to _quilting_mayhem in #snohomish and
Stitching detail
Holly cookies
My favorite part of #quilting is attaching the binding by hand
Baby #quilt for coworker going on maternity leave this week!
Made #frenchtoast out of homemade cinnamon twist #challah
Baby #quilt for _calebzooster's sister
Square one
I helping
#Quilt Block placement
Baby #quilt for _calebzooster's nephews! Quilt top finished. This project is on hold until after my
Paper dahlias for my wedding bouquet, first attempt! #paperflowers #papercrafting #dahlia #sawitonpi
More #Halloween monster eye #cookies
And then I made #hydrangeas
Stone fruit season is the best! Italian plum tart with almond custard and cream cheese filling. Plum
I decided to make a quilt block as a final project for each class I take at Antioch, and I will put
Valentine's Day dessert! Stacked brownie sandwich hearts, layered with strawberry buttercream, plate
Sugared #cranberries recipe from _annieseats
Monster crispies! Yummy Halloween! #halloween #baking #homemade #confections #monsters #grrargh
I make the #gayest treats. The absolute gayest
#Monster #truffle parade! #mummies, #spiders, #pumpkins, #oneeyedmonsters, and #bats! Turns out the
Happy #Purim! I made vanilla bean #hamentashen filled with brown butter almond paste and _smashedboo
Flower wall progress! Gotta figure out how to make it portable..
Made us a #Hamilton #treetopper last night out of a #pizzabox, #paint, and #glitter
Autumn #decoratedcookies. Cookie recipe from _annieseats, modified with my autumn spice mix. Icing a
Favorite #sickathome lunch_ #grilledcheese and #tomatosoup..
Put love in your belly! Fresh #tomatoes and #basil from _helsingfarmcsa, picked by ourselves when we
Shabbat shalom
Purple paper #succulents! #paperflowers #papercrafting #sawitonpinterest
I helping! #catswhoquilt #catsofinstagram
Finished the squares for my current #quilt project!
#Beet and #chevre ravioli with #chives, in lemon butter with parmesan cheese. Beets from _helsingfar
A few of our favorite people and sweeties came over today to help so the layout for our quilted wedd
Making flowers out of old books for a wreath to hang on my apartment door
Bread basket towel for my mom.  The original design had a straight line across the bottom, which I c
As I finish up Amadeo's quilt, I am lining up my next quilt project_ a baby quilt for the other red-
At my queer crafting event yesterday, I cut strips for the baby quilt I'm working on for a coworker
Amadeo's quilt, squared(ish), before binding
Monkey-themed pillowcase, made for Jay Shockwave Blow for Christmas 2012
Progress on baby quilt for co-worker!
Pillowcase for Cheryl Trooskin-Zoller, for 2012 holidays
Tea towel for my mom's friend Suzanna, who has been incredibly sweet and supportive of both of us as
Pillows I embroidered for my Monsterhearts group
Jellyfish onesie made for baby Deo!
Planning grid for the twins' quilt.jpg Crossed off blocks as I finished them
Robot Kitty totebag, made for Comet Alley for Christmas 2012
Hankie for Kate TheSkate, Christmas 2012
I picked a peacock feather to represent beauty for Kimber London, who is an incredible model
For Eric Stockton and Kody Stockton, who almost got this as a wedding gift, but I decided to wait fo
For Jonathon Friedman and Laura Johnson
Cherry blossoms will always, and forever, remind me of Cheryl Trooskin-Zoller, ever since Pike Place
Flower tea towels made for my favorite radiation therapist (Beth) as a thank-you for getting me thro
Because Jay Mack takes a more realistic view of love than most of us (hence the anatomical heart), b
Jay Shockwave loves nothing more than his Roxy Rae Diamond
Because Janine Jones loves all the cats.jpg She is a cat lady
The backside of quilts makes me think of city layouts. Not Seattle, though
Progress on baby quilt for co-worker!
Birthday cookies for Kate Bovitch!  Femme makeup cookies!
Comet Alley's birthday treats!  Robot heart cookies and monster cupcakes
Comet Alley's birthday treats!  Robot heart cookies and monster cupcakes
Seasonal tea towels I made for my mom a couple of years ago
Kissing goldfish tea towel, made for Jay Shockwave Blow for Christmas 2012
Specialty floss_ metallics and verigated threads
To represent the love between the Rainbow Roost and FWB&B
Tea towel I made for Yoshimi
Made a little bag in sewing class today!
Cranberry apple cider, regular spiced apple cider, treats, friends and gifts!  It sure is Christmas
Cranberry apple cider, regular spiced apple cider, treats, friends and gifts!  It sure is Christmas
My team goes ALL OUT for Halloween.jpg.jpg

Some of my favorite hobby projects and life snippets from the past few years.

Pull up a browser window, click on some links, and let's get to know one another. :)

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