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Playlist: Vulvarina

Collage of images from the Janelle Monet music video, Pynk. A black woman wearing vulva pants, the same black woman looking directly at the camera and projecting strength, and the same black woman leaning over her vulva pants where another black woman is nestled in the center.
A collage of images from the Pynk music video.

I totally forgot that in the category of "things I make," one of the big ones is playlists! I have a TON of playlists that I've curated on Spotify, and I'm going to be including posts about them here.

This one, Vulvarina, is one that I made for my wife, Haven, to celebrate her gender affirmation surgery. Obviously, it needed to include Pynk, an incredible piece of art that Blavity hailed as "Vagina Monologues for black girls." I particularly love that the piece was intended to be inclusive of trans bodies, with a couple of the performers wearing only leotards instead of the vulva pants, and one of them swinging a pink bat between her legs.

The playlist also one of my favorites vag-positive anthems that a friend turned me on to a few years ago, by Storm Large. It is usually thought of as a sex-positive, feminist tribute, though Large has described it as being a declaration of existing outside the norms: "Look, I'm a fuckin' weirdo. I'm never gonna be what even I thought I was supposed to be. I'm always going to be too much. I'm always gonna be too loud, too dirty. My sense of humor is too edgy or whatever. Surprise, surprise: Everybody feels that way." The lyrics definitely echo this attitude:

"Tell me: what is womanly to you? Strong, but not too much of a brute; it's cool if she's powerful, but way better if she's cute. For all of us girls who don't fit in: I say go Amazonian! You can be a kick-ass bruiser and be feminine."

The playlist also includes songs by queer women about lady-lovin'. What about you? Do you have any favorite queer songs about lady loving, vulvas, or transness? Leave them in the comments, I'd love to keep adding to the playlist.

Listen to the Vulvarina playlist on Spotify:

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