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Trans Birthday + Hormone Start Party!

How do you celebrate your transfeminine spouse's birthday and start of hormones? With a board game party and boob shaped cake pops, of course!

My spouse started taking hormones recently to support their gender journey and hopefully reduce some of their gender dysphoria. They started taking hormones on the first day of spring, to represent the kind of newness and growth that comes from the start of the season. To celebrate, we had a boob-themed birthday party for them, where everyone brought boob-shaped treats to share.

For my cake pops, I primarily used Wilton Candy Melts in white, light cocoa, and dark cocoa. In order to make the lightest skin, I combined white melts with melts in light cocoa, orange, and pink. I basically just played with the color melts until I got something closely resembling a basic "white people" skin color. After I dipped the first batch of pops, I cleared out most of the "white people" skin color and moved on to the medium-tone brown by using the light cocoa melts. I left in some of the previous batch so that the colors would retain some similarity. I followed the same process for making the dark brown pops, and the pink areola color. For the nipple, I used Wilton's pink sugar pearls.

It was a fun project, though next time I want brown I may just break into my own stock of chocolate. Wilton's candy melt chocolate is pretty waxy, and while I don't mind that so much for the bright colors or the white chocolate, it's kind of annoying for the darker chocolate.

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